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Tech Support.mp4 Gods and Mosters featuring Brandon Kleyla as Young James Whale.mp4 raphelo.mp4

Tech Support written by Brian D. Young, Directed by Brandon and starring Ari Zagaris (Moneyball), Danielle Hartnett (Life of Pi, X-Men), Deborah Baker Jr (Tooken, Night of the Dog), Alevetta Smith and voice over by Gina Tuttle (Academy Awards).

Two best friends travel across California to a huge party. Along the way, they have to deal with the Mafia, Bounty Hunters, the FBI, and worst of all, their girlfriends.

Starring Hans Raith (Be Cool, Longest Yard), Olivia Munn (Iron Man, Magic Mike, Mordecai), Guy Nardulli (Castle, Criminal Minds), Adam Bitterman (Chicago Fire, Veronica Mars) and many more!

A fun spoof on Pirates of the Caribbean as the Oscars are being announced.

Starring Brandon Hillock,

Spend a few minutes at Raphelo’s Pizzeria, your typical Italian Pizza joint and the neighborhood regulars. Rated R.

Starring Tony Longo (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Mullholland Drive), Joey Diaz(Spiderman 2, The Longest Yard, Analyze That), Danny Musico (Law & Order SVU, Hell’s Kitchen), Tom Gatto, (The Blackout), and Devin Leigh. Written by Carmine Caracciola.

Jane_Final.mp4 Finished_Carla.mp4

Watch these tributes to three of Hollywood’s leading ladies of Horror, Jane Adams, Janet Gallow and Carla Laemmle.  These shorts were shown live at a tribute to the stars during the Famous Monsters of Filmland presentation.