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Thanks for visiting Red Dot Film Studios. Here you will have a chance to see numerous samples of work that we’ve completed and get a chance to see current and upcoming projects.

Red Dot was created in 2000 when The Kleyla family decided to venture out to bring you various smaller projects in between jobs. We worked with so many great people and many times these friends joined in on the fun.

Ever since the 1984 film "Ghostbusters", Brandon Kleyla knew what he wanted to do: act. He first professional job came in 1991 when he was in a local theater production of "Evita". That winter, he went on to portray "Tiny Tim" in "A Christmas Carol" and "Jacob Rothchild" in "The Rothchilds." He soon signed with The Christensen Group talent agency in Winter Park, Florida. From then on, he worked regularly at Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando on such projects as the pilot episode of "Gullah Gullah Island", "Nick News", and "All That." He landed his first film role in the 1995 hit NOW AND THEN, starring Demi Moore, where Brandon plays "Bobby Fricker, " a character that was originally dropped from the script but later restored just for him. While filming NOW AND THEN in Savannah, Brandon worked with Christina Ricci, Gaby Hoffmann, Thora Birch & Ashleigh Aston Moore. A few months after filming NOW AND THEN, Brandon auditioned for CHILDREN OF THE CORN - MILLENNIUM'S CHILD. Soon after he auditioned, he found himself flying to Austin, Texas for production. In the film, which is now known as CHILDREN OF THE CORN - THE GATHERING, Brandon plays the very demon that Stephen King originally created in his short story. In this film, Brandon worked with the legendary Karen Black, Naomi Watts (Tank Girl), Samaria Graham (NOTHING TO LOSE), Brent Jennings (ANOTHER 48 HRS.) and William Windom. Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Alexis was only interested in swimming until a call came in saying one of the cast members was not able to make the shoot. The producer asked if Alexis was available. It was a tough choice for Lexi but she opted to come and shoot the eerie scene of a little girl who knocks on Karen Black’s door with a cut on her elbow.

The Kleyla’s moved to Los Angeles not long after and continue to make their dreams come true by working in “Hollywood”!

How’d Red Dot get it’s name?

During film school students were punished by receiving a red dot. If you lost a camera, red dot. If you failed an assignment, red dot.  When you received three red dots you were asked to leave the program. Although Brandon never received a red dot, the idea of it always amused him. It didn’t take long for him to decide that Red Dot would become the name of his very own production company.

Alexis & Brandon on Children of the Corn - The Gathering set with Naomi Watts and Brent Jennings

Brandon with Gabby Hoffman on set of Now and Then. (Demi Moore, Christina Ricci, Rita Wilson)